Thread: Hasbro Go-Bots vs Tonka Gobots: What An Attrocity.

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    I ponder where to begin with this less-than-notable attrocity? Having seen all of the episodes of Challenge of the Gobots dozens of times I was astonished at this lousy attempt by Hasbro to duplicate the old Gobots cartoons and put the Transformers name on it. Being a product of the 80s generation I can say that the cartoon from 1984 is more memorable than the cartoon from last year.

    The Toys.

    Okay let's start with the most obvious thing... The toys.

    When the original Gobots toys came out in 1984 there were serious doubts that the whole craze would last, and let's face it, toys that are considered to be "fads" don't last very long. The Gobots 1984 lasted a whole year. Toys such as the action figures themselves, the ships that each side had, Thruster and the Command Center, the Zod toys and others. Even the Boomers, for which Retro Junk has a commercial uploaded, were more memorable.

    Now there were two different varieties of Gobots. You had the Gobots that came in the bubble packs and let me just say that these were some of the most nifty toys that I had seen in my life. Then you had the Super Gobots that were doubled in size and had various different vehicles. Cars, Planes, Hellicopters etc.

    Now when compared to the Transformers Go-Bots of last year, well, you can't blame Hasbro for lowering themselves to sell a product to a two year old kid. It just goes to show that when you're trying to pom off a product that's supposedly new then everything is fair game.

    Transformers Go-Bots didn't even have realistic enough designs to even compare the Gobots to so let's move on.

    The Ad Jingle

    Now the ad jingles for the old school Gobots commercials were probably the reason why I became such a Gobots fan but let me tell you the reason the old school Gobots commercials were more memorable.

    1. The sloagan: Mighty Robots. Mighty Vehicles. How would that not get some little kid interested in the Gobots? It's preferable to "Go, Go, Go-Bots. Transformers Gobots.

    2. At the very least the old Gobots ads showed some visual interest that included clips of the old Gobots cartoons and particularly interesting locales where their commercials were shot. The Transformers Go-Bots commercials look like they were shot on a sound stage with minimal visual interest.

    3. Even grown men like the old school Gobots, or rather the, the ones who weren't into Transformers but Transformers Go-Bots were not all that interesting to grown men and didn't have grown men in their commercials.

    The TV Shows

    Now Challenge of the Gobots lasted only one season but it went on for years before networks finally took it off the air. Now compare that to the Go-Bots cartoon of last year and you'll find that after a few months the networks that were airing Transformers Go-Bots took it off the air after several months. Could this have been because the public lacked interest in something that was already done before? Who knows?

    The Conclusion

    Knowing then what I know now I'd say that the old scenario of "everything old is new again" is a BS statement as far as that's concerned considering that the new Go-Bots series will never be seen again makes me hopeful that the old Gobots cartoons will somehow make a comeback. However I won't hold my breath.
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