Thread: Super Mario Brothers on the Nes

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    Those who want to play SMB badly like so badly you want to play it right now, get a NES emulator called Nester and SMB rom. this is how you do it:

    1. Download Nester
    2. Extract it
    3. Customize
    4. Make a file on your Desktop
    5. Download a SMB rom
    6. Put rom in file you made
    7. Go into emulator
    8. Click "File" then "Open or "Load"
    9. Click on Desktop
    10. Click on file you made
    11. Click on the SMB rom
    12. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WARNING: This is illegal to download a rom without owning the game
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      Good advice and nice use of disclaimer MarioMaster, but that's breaking the rules...
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        smb1 costs like 50 cents and an NES probably does not cost much, it wouldn't be too difficult to obtain one to play the game.
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          Wow, this guy has to stop talking about emulators........
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            on youtube there are TONNES of videos

            the best probably is Super Mario Bros 1 on the NES at some conference they held a competition between 2 people, who's faster.

            at the end its so intense, they both power-down at different spots just once and one guy wins by a quarter of a second!

            look up something like "mario race battle" or something...
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              You guys want a piece of the Super Mario Bros. theme song well here it is:

              e e e c e g g c g e a b a# a g e g a f g e c d b
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                Super Mario Bros. possibly the best video game of the 80s.
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