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    Autumn Schedule:

    WOMEN 101 Combating Stupidities

    WOMEN 102 Men only do yard work

    WOMEN 103 PMS-Stay away

    WOMEN 104 We Do Not Want Sleazy underclothes for Christmas either

    Winter Schedule:

    WOMEN 110 Wonderful Blowjob Techniques

    WOMEN 111 Understanding the Male Response to Maxing out our Credit Cards

    EAT 100 How to Change a Car Tyre

    ECON 001A What's Ours Isn't Yours

    Spring Schedule:

    WOMEN 120 Why Women Feel They are Always Right

    WOMEN 121 Quit Nagging HIm

    WOMEN 122 Obey Your Man

    WOMEN 123 Controlling Your Emotions When Your Man Doesnt Bring You Flowers

    Autumn Schedule:

    SEX 101 How To Please Your Man Sexually

    SEX 102 Morning Dilemma: Do Something About your Face before kissing Him

    SEX 103 Men Dont Want To Cuddle or Talk After Sex

    SEX 104 Its A Necessity

    WOMEN 201 How to Put the Toilet Seat Up

    Elective (See Electives Below)

    Winter Schedule:

    WOMEN 210 The Remote Control: It Belongs to Your Man

    WOMEN 211 Leaving your Friends Out of Your Personal Life

    WOMEN 212 Buying your Own Car

    WOMEN 213 You Are Not Sexier Than Halle Berry

    WOMEN 230A Dealing With The Guys Lime

    Spring Schedule:

    WOMEN 220 Quit Nagging Him II

    WOMEN 221 Farting and Belching Are Normal

    WOMEN 222 Gossip Control

    WOMEN 223 Leaving Him Alone When He Is Sleeping

    Course Electives:

    EAT 101 Cooking The Meals He Loves

    WOMEN 231 Mothers-in-law: Warning Him At Least Two Weeks Prior to Their Visit

    WOMEN 232 Learning To Shut Up

    WOMEN 233 He Can Have Friends Too

    and at the same time
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      "SEX 101 How To Please Your Man Sexually "
      "WOMEN 110 Wonderful Blowjob Techniques"

      The girls at my college must have skipped those
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        This is great I sent it to everyone at work. They are all laughing.
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          He he he.....Sry guys just wanted to post on the oldest thread in here...Job completed!!!
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