Thread: How many of you have kids?

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    Many people have been a member for many years now. Quite a few probably no longer even check in. But I was curious how many of you either had children that were very little when you first joined or now have little children or are expecting a baby.

    I just looked up when I joined and my son was a year and 7 months when I joined. He's now going on 14 and a half. Boy do I wish we could slow down time. We went from Playhouse Disney, Sprout and Nick Jr to Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. We went from Lego Star Wars and Lego Batman on the Xbox 360 to Halo and Fallout on Xbox one. He's big into Roblox too. And no more Nickelodeon and Cartoon network. It's literally ALLLLLL Youtube now.

    Long gone are the days he wanted us around. He hardly resembles the boy in personality he once was. I know it has to happen but damn it's depressing LOL and it creeps me out that he's already halfway through Freshmen year.
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