Thread: Do Americans watch European shows?

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    I think it's well know the United States exports allot of its shows and movies overseas. I was wondering do Americans watch European shows or did you guys watch you guys ever watch European cartoons or live action television shows?
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      We watch british stuff online, and back in the day on stations like wusf channel 16 and pbs.
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        Top Gear and The IT Crowd. There was also some prank show with a freakishly large cell phone that one of the guys would scream into.

        More recently, on Netflix, was The Black Mirror, The Fall and a German horror series about kids that would disappear for decades at a time. It took me a while to realize that last show was dubbed.
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          Take it you guys never watched the 1990's cartoon Alfred J. Kwak?
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            • 4 months 8 days ago
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            Dr Who, The Young Ones, Kath and Kim
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              Never heard of Alfred J. Kwak but I do remember Danger Mouse. Cartoons from anywhere else, Japanese localization aside, were really rare.
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                In case anyone is wondering what Alfred J Kwak see below

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                  Here are some examples of popular 80s euro cartoons.

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