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    Why Does It Look To Me Like Kayla Williams Might Have Gained,At Least,Some Weight In This Picture?:

    Please Go To The Link To Check Out The Picture.

    Is She Supposed To Be Caucasian,Meaning White?

    How Can She Make Herself Fat & Still Have A Single Chin Instead Of Growing Either A Double Chin Or A Triple Chin On Her Face?

    Why Is It That Most Of These Gymnasts Keep All Of Their Fingernails & Toenails Clean Instead Of Painting Them For Their Gymnastics Performances?

    Why Does She Look Like She Might Have,At Least,A Slight Bulge On Her Belly?

    Why Does It Also Look Like Her Inner Thighs Are About To Touch Each Other Instead Of Being Spread Apart From Each Other Even While Either Her Legs,Her Feet Or Both Her Legs & Her Feet Are Spread Apart From Each Other?

    What Event Is This Picture Of Kayla Williams Supposed To Be From?
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