Thread: R.I.P. Toys R Us (1948-2018)

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    • 1 month 6 days ago
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    Will Toys R Us go out of business? We will soon find out.

    UPDATE: It's official, Toys "R" Us is closing all of their stores worldwide. This includes all 1756 stores around the world.

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      • 27 days 21 hours ago
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      It’s quite said isn’t it? I have fond memories of it being a HUGE deal going there up until my teens. Our closest one was an hour and ten minutes away, so we only got to go when we had a dentist appointment or were going to the mall. Back then the store was organized in a way that made sense, and they were filled to the brim with toys.

      I have to admit that in the last ten or so years when I’d take my own son into one, they started to resemble what K-B Toys always looked like. Still some good toys but rather messy and unorganized. It’s even worse now.

      I’m sad that it’s closing, but can’t say that I’ve had much use for it the last few years now that my sons about to turn 14 and his interests are sadly beyond the Hot wheels cars and Army Men that I enjoyed helping him pick out. So I think my sadness of it closing has to do more with myself getting older and my son starting highschool. We may have one more child if we are able, and it will be a bit sad that they won’t get to experience Toys R Us but it is what it is.
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        • 27 days 51 minutes ago
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        And its creator Charles P. Lazarus died on Thursday 22nd. Ironic.
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          • 24 days 18 hours ago
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          Quote by Dyzfunk7ional
          And its creator Charles P. Lazarus died on Thursday 22nd. Ironic.

          Captain went down with the ship
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            • 24 days 15 hours ago
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            It's really heartbreaking knowing the founder died after learning his business would shut down.

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              • 21 days 17 hours ago
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              It's a bummer for sure. So many memories.
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                • 18 days 12 hours ago
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                There was nothing like going to Toys R Us in the late 80s/early 90s and seeing the ticket for that video game I wanted, taking it to the cage they had set up at the back of the store and getting my copy. It felt like an experience back then, haven't been a frequent customer at Toys R Us (though I did buy a Switch Pro controller there about a year ago) in a long time, but sad to see it go. Hopefully the people effected by it will find more work really quick.
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