Thread: Please help me recall the name of this VHS fairytale series

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    I used to watch a series of fairy tale video tapes that I think were somewhere along the lines of mother goose fairy tales. I think they were from the 90's. Each one of them started out with kids in raincoats playing outside on a rainy day and a woman invites them inside to be read a story. They were playing with a sailboat and singing "Rain rain go away come again another day" before being invited inside to listen to a story. The one I remember best is about a cat that gets trapped in a house and has to escape from inside the walls. The stories were hand drawn and portrayed by animals wearing people's clothes. The VHS tape covers I think were white and made of paper and had a small picture of mother goose near the top on the front cover part. That's all I can remember. Any Ideas?
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      Hello ,
      I love Mother Goose even though I am much older now , I am still a kid at heart. Anyway the series that you are trying to remember is The Mother Goose Club.
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