Thread: Who remembers Showbiz Pizza Place???

    • 9 months 8 days ago
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    I was obsessed with this place and I still am. Am i the only one who remembers this Jem? Please tell me I'm not!
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      • 9 months 6 days ago
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      Them and Chucky Cheese were pretty much the same thing, owned by the same people later on. I used to like the Animatronics. Their pizza though didn't taste that good.
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        • 9 months 5 days ago
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        When I was growing up, it was all about Chuck E. Cheese's.

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          I remember Showbiz. I think I still have a few tokens somewhere. They always had huge tv sets that would play 1 of 2 things: country music videos (they played the hell outta The Judds' "Grandpa, Tell Me 'Bout The Good Ol' Days", or 3 Stooges episodes.
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            When I was growing up, it was Chuck E. Cheese. I went to one in Syracuse sometimes. I'd play Spider Stompin', Sonic Championship, and many other games. And also pinball.
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              For the 3 years I went to Showbiz as a kid, they always had

              1: BIG pizza slices compared to Chuck E. Cheese

              2: Animatronic band that wasn't working at the time...EVERY time

              3: A big-screen tv playing country music videos, especially "Tell Me 'bout The Good Old Days" by the Judds, and oddly enough, the 3 Stooges' "Curly Shuffle" song.
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