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    What Do You Find Very Interesting About This Advertisement For The Pajama Jeans?:

    I Am Hearing This Thing About The Pajama Jeans Being Like A Pair Of Jeans & A Pair Of Pajama Bottoms Put Together & Also That It's Like 2 Things In 1.

    Why Don't They Make A Scene That Shows A Girl/Woman Putting On The Pajama Jeans & We Get A Look At Her Underwear While She Is Doing That?

    Why Is The Girl/Woman That Is Being Shown At The 0:43 Mark Of This Advertisement Having Problems With Regular Jeans?

    How Can A Girl/Woman Like Her Have Problems With Her Pants Or Jeans If She Looks Like She Is In Great Shape?

    What Could They Possibly Have Done To Make It So That She Struggles With Those Regular Jeans In This Video?

    How Does Her Body Figure Look To You?

    Do Her Belly,Thighs & Butt Look Like They're Out Of Shape In This Video.

    Does She Look Like She Needs To Lose Weight?

    If Any Parts Of Her Body Look Out Of Shape To You Then Which Parts Of Her Body Would You Say Need Trimming?

    How Old Does She Look In This Advertisement?

    Could She Possibly Be A Teenager?

    Could She Possibly Be In Her 20's?

    What Are The Chances That If She Buttons Up Her Jeans After A Struggle To Do So & Pulls Up Her Zipper After A Struggle To Do So & Then Puts On A Belt & Then Either Bends Her Butt Or Squats Down The Part Of Her Jeans That Covers Her Butt Will Rip & Her Underwear Will Be Seen?

    What Could Possibly Be Making Her Struggle With Those Jeans?

    Could It Be That They're Just Too Small On Her?

    Could It Be That They're A Couple Of Sizes Too Small?

    Could It Be That They No Longer Fit Her Even Though She Is In Great Shape?

    Could It Be Because Of Something Different Than Those?

    Does She Find It Frustrating At All?

    Does She Feel Frustrated At All?

    Does She Find It Embarrassing At All?

    Does She Feel Embarrassed At All?

    Is She Wearing Any Nail Polish On Her Fingernails,Her Toenails Or Both Her Fingernails & Her Toenails?

    If She Is Then What Color Are Her Fingernails,Her Toenails Or Both Her Fingernails & Her Toenails?

    Try Pausing The Video When They Show A Close Up View Of Her Belly Button & She Pulls Down Those Regular Jeans A Little Bit So You Can Judge For Me If Her Belly Is In Shape Or Out Of Shape Or If She Is Just Bloated.

    How Much Fat Would You Say Is Inside Her Belly If Necessary?

    How Much Better Would She Look In Either A 1 Piece Bathing Suit,Her Underwear Being Either A Brief Or Bikini Type,A 1 Piece Leotard Or A 1 Piece Bodysuit?

    Is It Possible That She Was In Between The Ages Of 13 Years Old & 29 Years Old When This Video Was Made?

    Why Didn't They Make A Scene That Then Shows Her Putting On Those Pajama Jeans?

    While She Is Doing That,We Might Get A Brief View Of Her Underwear.

    Why Do They Say That It's A Struggle To Fit Into Regular Jeans When The Girl/Woman That We See Wearing Regular Jeans & Open Toe Wedge High Heels At The Beginning Of This Advertisement Obviously Had No Problems With Her Jeans?

    How Old Are All Of Those Girls/Women That They Showed In This Advertisement?
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