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    How Well Of A "Surprising" Advertisement For Geico Would This Be With 2004 Olympic Gold Medal Winning Gymnast Carly Patterson Being The Main Star Of It?

    What I Have In Mind Is For Carly Patterson To Put On Either The Exact Same Red Long Sleeved Gymastics Leotard That She Wore On August 19,2004,When She Won Her Olympic Gold Medal,A Red Short Sleeved Gymastics Leotard Or A Red Sleeveless Tank Type Gymastics Leotard,With Nothing Either Over Or Under 1 Of Those Leotards & I Would Like All Of Her Finger Nails & Toe Nails To Be Painted Red.

    What I Would Like To See Happening Is Carly Patterson Doing A Gymnastic Move All The Way Into A Big Swimming Pool,While Wearing 1 Of Those Red Leotards.

    I Don't Want Any Sort Of Fence To Surround That Swimming Pool.

    At The Beginning Of The Advertisement,I Would Like To Get A Front View,A Right Front View,A Right Side View,A Right Rear View & A Rear View Of Carly Patterson,Before She Does Her Routine All The Way Into The Pool.

    I Would Like Her To Do The Routine On A Long Mat All The Way Into The Pool.

    The Ideas That I Have For The Advertisement Regarding Carly Patterson Are That Either She Runs & Does Some Backflips & Then Flips In The Air & Then Lands In The Pool Or She Runs Onto The Vault & Then Flips In The Air & Then Lands In The Pool.

    After She Lands In The Pool & Then Her Face Peeks Out Of The Water,She Looks At The Judges & They Give Her A Perfect 10 & Then After That,She Goes For A Nice Swim In Whichever Leotard She Is Wearing & Then The Announcer Guy Says Something Like "A Gymnast Swimming?" & Then He Says "Surprising." & Then He Tells Us What's Not Surprising,Causing The Camera To Temporarily Turn Away From Carly Patterson Swimming In 1 Of Those Leotards & Then It Turns Right Back To Her Swimming In 1 Of Those Leotards.

    Who Can I Contact About The Idea For This Advertisement For Geico?

    How Can I Contact Them About The Idea For This Advertisement For Geico?
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