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    Where Can I Find A Video Of The Following Advertisement For Brinks Home Security,That,I Believe,Was First Shown On Television In 2003?

    At The Beginning Of The Advertisement,It's Night Time & A Woman Tells Her 2 Sons That It's Time For Bed,Yet,They're Both Playing A Video Game & They Tell Her That They Want 5 More Minutes & She Walks Away From Their Room.

    The Camera Then Starts Making It's Way Down To The Kitchen,Where A Man Takes A Look Inside The Kitchen Window.

    The Man Then Uses Something Like A Pick To Undo The Lock On The Kitchen Window,Only To Be Scared Away By The Brink's Home Security Alarm & Then When The Mother Of Those 2 Boys Picks Up The Phone & Someone From Brinks Home Security Wants To Know If Everything Is Alright,All That She Says Is That The Alarm Just Went Off.
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