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    Who thinks Bakshi's original concept for Cool World would had been better than what we saw 25 years ago?

    You see back in 1989/1990 Bakshi movie was intended to be a live-action/animated horror comedy about a flesh and blood live-action cartoonist who had an affair with a sexy animated woman he created named Debbie Dallas and is now the father of a half-flesh and blood person, half-animated girl who considers herself a freak and goes on a rampage in the real world against the man who spawned her. He sold this concept to Paramount and sadly later on, Frank Mancuso Jr. and Kim Basinger nixed that over the course of production, as it came to Mancuso Jr. at the wrong time, as he had grown tired of the horror genre after spending most of the 80's being a producer in some form or another on almost all of the Friday the 13th movies that were made during the 80's, as well as other horror flicks like April Fool's Day and Body Parts, as well as horror themed shows like Friday's Curse aka Friday the 13th: The Series, and the War of the Worlds tv show, so he was understandably tired of doing horror films and wanted to do something different. Kim Basinger was also not interested in doing a horror movie and was much more intrigued with the idea of doing a film that could be shown to sick children in hospitals and was put off by how adult the original script was, so as filming went on the movie was changed to be more kid-friendly (though it really doesn't come off that way).

    Debbie was gonna be voiced by Drew Barrymore and Brad Pitt was gonna be the artist originally.

    I dunno what Bakshi was thinking to sell it to Paramount when i think he should had sold this idea to New Line Cinema better which would be a better choice as they do horror movies like Elm Street, Critters movies, Leatherface Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3, later Jason movies and more. Then New Line would had taken his idea for an R-rated sexy and violent horror comedy that combines animation and live-action.

    It would had been better than the dumbed down butchering of his concept we saw in favor of being a family friendly film.
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