Thread: What was your first VHS tape you owned?

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    One of the Kidsongs tapes, either I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing or A Day at Old MacDonald's Farm. I remember getting those as birthday presents.
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      Family collection aside, the first VHS that I could declare my own is Batman Forever.
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        I also had WrestleMania 2 as well. Of course i was big into WWF at that time.
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          I wish I could remember. I'm sure my parents bought us some sort of old Disney movie, or one of the My Little Pony VHS tapes that was out back then. I'm sure it was early '80s. Sadly I can't remember the LAST VHS tape I bought either before we converted to DVDS. I'm sure it was an older movie that was on super reduced sale because they were bringing in DVD's and Blurays.
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            My first VHS tape was Lady in the Tramp. The box (like most VHS tapes) had a plastic sleeve with a paper jacket inside. I was 5 when I got the tape, and peeled off the plastic sleeve, thinking that it was not supposed to be on there. My mom taped the paper jacket to the case using wide clear packing tape, to create a makeshift sleeve, since the plastic was gone.
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              we got our VCR in 87. the first tapes I owned were Foghorn Leghorn, Heckle and Jeckle, and the new three stooges cartoon. The first tape I bought with my own money was White Men Can't Jump.
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                I don't remember what was the 1st VHS tape that me and my parents owned. But I do remember what was the first thing that we recorded onto our VCR. We recorded the 1983 Sugar Bowl and the Madonna music video Like A Virgin. My dad was a real big fan of her's back in the day.
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                  I forget, but wish I knew.
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