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    I have fond memories of my childhood movie favorites, including Star Wars, Terminator, and Mr Mom. But when I've watched them with my kids (after telling them how great they are), the movies often seem dated (obviously) but also more "B grade" when compared to today's best movies.
    So anyway, we watched Terminator (the original) last month. My kids were less than impressed, especially by the "special effects" and the acting. I was also a little surprised (and disappointed). Sometimes maybe memories should remain memories...
    So now I'm renting the new Terminator Genisys to watch this weekend with the kids. For fans of the original who have seen the new one, how would you compare them. And what do you generally think of your childhood favorite movies when you see them today?
    Maybe the black and whites like Casablanca stand up better over time than the 80s movies?
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      As much I liked Genisys, it can't, I repeat, CAN'T compare to the original.

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        I watched Terminator Genisys with my son last night. He's twelve. He really liked it, and thought it was better than the original Terminator.
        I enjoyed it, but also still like the original because it was original. I realize the difference is that Arnold gets to play the good guy in this one, like he did in T2. I think he's better as the good guy (as in Twins and Kindergarten Cop).
        I agree it's probably not fair to compare them, so I'll say I like them both. The new one did not let us down.
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          The original Terminator and T2 are the only "great" movies in my opinion. All the sequels range from terrible to average.
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            As a big Terminator fan, the franchise stopped after T2 Judgement day.
            The rest was just to horrible for me.
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