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    What Brand Of Sandals Do We See Amanda Peet Wearing In This Picture That Shows Her In Origin Of The Species?:

    Amanda Peet Is The Only One Whose Feet We See In This Picture.

    If You Want To Know Which One Of Them Is Amanda Peet Then She Is Sitting Next To A Plaid Pillow With Squares On It.

    She Is Wearing,Perhaps,A Purplish Mini Dress & A Black Pair Of,What Might Be,Hiking Sandals.

    I Believe That The Sandals That She Is Wearing In That Movie Were Not Made In A Way That She Would Need To Adjust Them To Her Foot Size & Tighten Them.

    I Believe That They Were Made In A Way That She Won't Need To Strap On The Straps.

    The Sandals Might Have Also Been Made In A Way That The Top Straps & The Ankle Straps Will Stretch If Her Feet Need More Room.

    I Believe That When Putting On Those Sandals,All That She Needs To Do Is Put Her Feet Through The Top Straps,Pull Those Ankle Straps Back & Then Pull Those Ankle Straps Up.

    I Believe That She Is Wearing Red Nail Polish On All 10 Of Her Finger Nails & All 10 Of Her Toe Nails In That Movie.

    Is This Pair Of Sandals From Sandbaggers The Brand Of Sandals That We See Her Wearing In That Movie?:

    If That's Not The Brand Of Sandals That Wee See Her Wearing In That Movie Then What Brand Of Sandals Do We See Her Wearing In That Movie?

    We Also See Her Barefoot In That Movie.

    In Most Of The Movie She Is Either Wearing Sandals Or Barefoot.

    That Might Be A Movie In Which Amanda Peet Has Gorgeous Feet.

    Why Is It That Every Girl/Woman,Including Amanda Peet,Is Said To Have Gorgeous Feet?
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