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    1) Does anyone remember the one where the contestants had to solve all these Egyptian puzzles and all and there was a sphyinx (sp) that talked?

    2) Does anyone remember the show where the contestants had to race up a big mountain? I remember the winners got a piece of the "creg" or something like that.
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      Legends of the Hidden Temple is the name of the 1st one.
      Put together a Mayan temple, an ancient artifact, a talking rock named Olmec and a bunch of prize-hungry kids and what do you have? A game show that really makes history!

      Each episode has six teams of kids racing, climbing, and answering questions, all to win the right to race through Olmec's Temple, avoid Temple Guards and find a legendary artifact.

      The 2nd one is GUTS. Put traditional sports in a blender, add a kid's attitude and a heaping shovel of Nickelodeon nuttiness, and you'd have something close to GUTS.

      Players swim, jump, run and toss their way to the final challenge: the Aggro Crag! This mountain of smoke, snow and falling rocks puts fear into the hearts of every contestant who doesn't have guts.
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          both of them are really great shows
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            Nick's GAS (Games & Sports for Kids) TV channel still shows Guts, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Double Dare, Finders Keepers, SK8 TV, & Nick Arcade. I have it on my digital cable.

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