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    Did you ever have a friend or classmate that played video games and told you about some super secret cheat code, alternate ending, secret passageway, special/finishing moves, etc... and looking back at it now you say, man.. that kid was a little liar.

    Well let me tell ya. For me growing up and playing video games in the 90's, I remember cheat codes being sort of a big deal. I had all these cheat magazines (Tips & Tricks), Game Genie for NES, Gameshark for PS and N64, turbo controllers, strategy walkthrough guides, etc.. and I was just fascinated with the whole concept that by entering a code you can either do something you're not supposed to do.. or do something that only the cool kids knew about.

    Now in a time without internet, I had a pretty decent library and knowledge covering that area. So when kids at school would tell me about some cheat code I never heard of.. I was very interested. Here are just a few classics..

    Fatality! ..Nude-ality..?
    Mortal Kombat.. there was just something awesome about knowing how to rip off your opponents arms or punch them into a pool of acid. Finishing moves were pretty sweet, and when MKII came out there was this one rumor going around my elementary school that this kid Casey in the 5th grade knew how to do a secret "sex" one. I just had to talk to this kid who was only one grade below me. Apparently, he said he knew how to do a finishing move where (and I'm quoting his exact words) you can make Sonya give Jax a hummer ..and I'm not talking about a car. What's funny about this is that this Casey kid had two of his buddies vouching for him saying that they witnessed him do it! Multiple times!

    There was also another rumor I heard a couple years later where in MK3, Sheeva had a finishing move similar to that of Orchids from Killer Instinct where she flashes her opponent giving them a heart attack.. Still have yet to see this..

    Game Crossovers
    I can't really remember what magazine I read this from back in the day, but it was in the fan-mail section where readers send in their letters and some get published. This kid wrote some bizarre letter stating that he was playing Mario Kart 64 and went off a ramp and into a sign or bush or something.. and next thing he knew he was warped to another world and was driving through the zombie infested streets of Racoon City. The magazine actually published this crap letter and hyped it up with some ancient astronaut theory backing it stating that maybe this anonymous letter is telling the truth being that RE2 was recently released on the N64 or whatev.. I just remember wanting so bad for it to be true, but never saw or heard anything more of it again.

    Yeh I played Pokemon RBY.. so did all the other kids on my block. Word on the street was there was a blue pikachu you could get from performing a sequence of steps in a certain order. Can't really remember the exact steps to the this but it had something to do with teaching a pokemon surf and strength before boarding a ship.. which I believe was an event that only happened once and you won't be able to return to that area. This kid on my block said his cousin got it by using surf to get to this island next to the ship and use strength to push a car out of the way to reveal pikablu in a pokeball or egg.. anyways, I didn't want to try it but one of the other kids on my block decided to risk it, and he erased his game to start a new one.. that moment when he was trying to use strength on that car was priceless... he was so upset yelling at the other kid but in his defense he kept saying it was his cousin that got it and he must have done something wrong. Sigh, everyone always seemed to have this awesome cousin that was so talented, rich or was going to beat me up.

    Fortunately today we have the internet at our fingertips to just search out such wild claims.. but back then when you were just a kid in the 90's, there was always that slight mystery.. Does anyone else have any funny stories where looking back now, your friends/peers just look so stupid with their claims of video game knowledge..? It doesn't have to be about cheat codes.. there was this one kid at school who always talk trash to me about how much the PS sucked and how it was going to lose to the Sega Saturn and he would never sell out.. I wonder if he owns one today.
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