Thread: Big Trouble in Little China-Continued Story in Comic Book.

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    Just so everyone knows, and I realize that some of you already might... Boom Studios has released the 80's cult classic movie Big Trouble in Little China as a comic. The story tells about what happened after the events of the movie. The comic is written by John Carpenter, and Eric Powell. The art is done by Brian Churilla. As of 08/14/2014 there are 3 issues that have been released. I have read all 3 and they are really good. I would suggest going to your local comic book store and buy them, or request them. If you don't have a local comic book store, you can buy them here:
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      That's one with Kurt Russell right? Ancient Chinese dude has a Chinese girl with jade green eyes kidnapped. Her boyfriend teams up with Kurt's character who also has a green eyed girl friend to go rescue her. In the process the 2nd girl also gets kidnapped. The bad guy uses both girls to power up some ancient magic Chinese doomsday weapon.
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        Read the graphic nvoel, very cool.
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