Thread: Amsuement Park PC Game (Dinosaur Tour Guide)

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    I am trying to find this PC game I used to play as a kid. I can not explain too much of it since my memory is a bit stale on it, but I can try:

    1) The game starts with you entering an amusement park, I think the park is having problems in it though. Either that, or you are just simply attending it.
    2) A green dinosaur is guiding you throughout the whole thing. I do not remember much about the attractions, unfortunately.
    3) One instance involved you being in a power plant, but I can't remember if you were trying to fix it or not.

    It must have came out in either the nineties or early thousands, it was one of those PC games that relied on you going to rooms one by one, never actually moving all at once though. So like, pre-rendered graphics is the best I could describe it, but not really. Like, you go into one room and the background changes, the scenery, everything around you; that is the best way I can describe it.

    Does anyone have a clue what I am talking about? It was on the PC for sure, I know this, and all I can remember is there is a green dinosaur giving you a tour of an amusement park. All help would be appreciated.
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