Thread: Virtual Console Thursdays: The Next Gen

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    Since I've been tardy several times, I'll handle this in a new approach for this situation.

    Alright, we have two lineups. As the month of October comes to a close, the Virtual Console has brought us three Castlevania titles for the Game Boy Advance and one for the Super Nintendo. Fans of the series are certainly getting their fix this time around, but perhaps it is too late to tell you this was Castlevania month and so this was the plan. Well, surprise!

    Anyway, for the first lineup of October 16, 2014, we have:

    Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance
    (Release Date: September 16, 2002)

    And, for the first time in a long time, we have something for the 3DS Virtual Console as well, which has:

    Harvest Moon 2
    (Release Date: November 7, 2000)

    And now, for the October 23, 2014 lineup. Only one title, for the Wii U:

    Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
    (Release Date: May 6, 2003)
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      This release brings on the last of the Halloween lineup, nothing too big though since all the Castlevania titles for Nintendo systems are done until DS games are added next year, most likely with Dawn of Sorrow to follow Aria of Sorrow. Anyway, here is a lineup that most have probably been waiting to see:

      Firstly, the Wii U lineup. This game in particular also was released for the 3DS Virtual Console as well!

      Gargoyle's Quest II
      (Release Date: October 24, 1993)

      And, the rest are back to Wii U only:

      Demon's Crest
      (Release Date: November 1, 1994)

      And finally, the much long awaited:

      Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland
      (Release Date: December 2, 2002)
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        For the November 6, 2014 lineup we have a single release. For BOTH systems.

        Firstly, for the Wii U, we have:

        Super Mario Advance
        (Release Date: June 11, 2001)

        Secondly, for the 3DS, we have:

        Pokémon Puzzle Challenge
        (Release Date: December 4, 2000)
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          Quote by Notshane
          Super Mario Advance

          Quote by mariowiki
          Super Mario Advance features the classic game Super Mario Bros. 2, based heavily on the Super Mario All-Stars port of the game

          A port of a port of a port. Sweet
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            For the November 13, 2014 lineup, we have two very good titles that you may want to purchase right away.

            First up, for the Wii U, as I had predicted on my very first post, we have:

            Mario Kart: Super Circuit
            (Release Date: August 27, 2001)

            And, for the 3DS, we have:

            Pokémon Trading Card Game
            (Release Date: April 10, 2000)
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              For the November 20, 2014 lineup, we got only one title for the Wii U:

              DK King of Swing
              (Release Date: September 19, 2005)
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                I fell significantly behind my weekly updates this time around, kind of got lazy. But now that the commotion has settled down, I can begin weekly updating on a causal basis once again.

                Firstly, the November 27, 2014 lineup, we have only one release and it is for both the Wii U and 3DS:

                Mighty Final Fight
                (Release Date: July 16, 1993)

                Next up, on the December 4, 2014 lineup, we have two releases for the Wii U:

                Lode Runner
                (Release Date: July 11, 2007)

                Fire Emblem
                (Release Date: November 3, 2003)

                And finally, for the December 11, 2014 lineup, we have two releases. One for the Wii U, and one for the 3DS.

                The Wii U Release:

                Crash 'n' the Boys: Street Challenge
                (Release Date: October 17, 1992)

                And for the 3DS release, the final game of a trilogy:

                Harvest Moon 3 GBC
                (Release Date: November 14, 2001)
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                  Alright, for the December 18, 2014 lineup, we have two titles for the Wii U only.

                  Firstly, the one that was released the day before for no reason:

                  Mega Man Zero
                  (Release Date: September 10, 2002)

                  And now, the one that actually was released on the day it was anticipated:

                  Natsume Championship Wrestling
                  (Release Date: June 17, 1994)
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                    For the December 25, 2014 Christmas lineup, we have two very long-awaited titles for the Wii U and 3DS.

                    For the Wii U, we see a Virtual Console game undergo an update for the very first time (makes me question why GBA games still aren't multiplayer if this is possible) in order to work on such a system (and mostly because of a certain dog's appearance in a critically acclaimed Nintendo fighting game) so I present to you:

                    Duck Hunt
                    (Release Date: October 18, 1985)

                    This next one was mostly for Virtual Console collectors purpose:

                    Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2
                    (Release Date: February 9, 2002)

                    And lastly, another mockery of the absent multiplayer functionality:

                    Mario Party Advance
                    (Release Date: March 28, 2005)

                    For the 3DS:

                    Super Mario Bros. Deluxe
                    (Release Date: April 30, 1999)
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                      Alright for the January 1, 2015 new year lineup, we have very basic releases for the Wii U and 3DS.

                      For Wii U, we got:

                      Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire
                      (Release Date: August 25, 2003)

                      For the 3DS, we got:

                      Bionic Commando: Elite Forces
                      (Release Date: January 24, 2000)
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                        For the week of January 8, 2015, we got two titles.

                        For the Wii U:

                        Mega Man Battle Network 2
                        (Release Date: June 12, 2002)

                        For the 3DS:

                        Adventures of Lolo
                        (Release Date: April 20, 1989)
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                          For the week of January 15, 2015, we have three new games.

                          For the Wii U:

                          Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight
                          (Release Date: September 13, 1990)

                          For 3DS:

                          Lufia: The Legend Returns
                          (Release Date: September 20, 2001)

                          After Burner II
                          (Release Date: October 16, 1987)

                          Now, if you ask me, I would rather play in that awesome-looking seat that the cover art shows rather than on a portable handheld.
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                            I don't think Super Mario Galaxy 2, or any Wii games should be consider Virtual Console titles. That's like saying that all of the current retail Wii U games that's available on the eShop are Virtual Console games. They're still readily available and are backward's compatible with the Wii U. Plus, they run the same as they do on Wii Mode. The only difference is that it supports the Wii U Pro Controller and the Wii U Gamepad... something I'm hoping Wii Mode does at some point in the future.

                            After Burner II is really more of a remake by M2 as part of Sega's 3D Classics. Not really something I would count as a Virtual Console title, but it's still a noteworthy inclusion nevertheless.
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                              For the week of January 22, 2015, we have one release; it is for both the Wii U and 3DS. And it is:

                              S.C.A.T.: Special Cybernetic Attack Team
                              (Release Date: June 27, 1991)
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                                For the week of January 29, 2015, we have one release. And once again, it is for both the Wii U and 3DS. And it is:

                                Shadow of the Ninja
                                (Release Date: January 18, 1991)
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                                  For the week of February 5, 2015, we have three new releases. One of which has now seen its first entry in the North America region.

                                  For Wii U:

                                  Dig Dug
                                  (Release Date: February 5, 2015)

                                  (Release Date: April 14, 1989)

                                  For 3DS:

                                  Game & Watch Gallery 3
                                  (Release Date: December 6, 1999)
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                                    I got behind again! It has been quite a while since that happened.

                                    Anyway, for the prior week of February 12, 2015, we have the Wii U finally resurrecting the Super Nintendo portion of their Virtual Console store. So for those that were upset with their exclusive pattern of NES releases, be prepared for a really fresh SNES title on the Wii U! This one is an RPG so fans of that genre better have your wallets ready.

                                    Same applies with the 3DS as we see yet another great Arcade hit plunge its way onto the system. However, this is the very first time that this certain arcade title has been localized so the 3DS is setting history here. It has been doing that for quite some time now, unlike the Wii U which has failed to even put any Arcade titles on at all.

                                    For Wii U:

                                    Breath of Fire
                                    (Release Date: August 10, 1994)

                                    For 3DS:

                                    Fantasy Zone
                                    (Release Date: February 12, 2015)

                                    For the current week of February 19, 2015, we have one title. Once again, a Super Nintendo goody approaches the Wii U eShop. So hey, at least the Wii U has one advantage over the 3DS I suppose with these awesome SNES hits. This one in particular was one that pushed the Super Nintendo to its core limit.

                                    (Release Date: September 25, 1992)
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                                      For the week of February 26, 2015, we see a return of the Donkey Kong Country titles that were delisted on the Wii so many years ago on the Wii U. Oh, and speaking of, they are NO LONGER delisted anymore on the Wii! So for those that own one still, go to the Wii Shop because they are back and better than ever! This is also the first time that the Wii has had a Virtual Console release in two years.

                                      So rejoice, Donkey Kong fans! For those that still own a Wii and got pissed that you missed your chance to grab the Donkey Kong Country titles, they are once again back after three years of being delisted! For those curious, it had something to do with a copyright claim against Nintendo since I think Rare Ltd. still owned the games, but Nintendo has since reclaimed the titles once more! So for those that have not yet shifted to the commercially-failed Wii U, be happy to know that you can in fact get them once more on the Wii! Enjoy the Donkey Kong goodness that awaits you.

                                      The 3DS also decided to go ahead and release all of the Donkey Kong Land titles on its own Virtual Console store on the same day as the Wii U and Wii did! This is the first time we have seen regular Gameboy titles on the shop in a year as well.

                                      For Wii U AND Wii:

                                      Donkey Kong Country
                                      (Release Date: November 21, 1994)

                                      Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
                                      (Release Date: November 20, 1995)

                                      Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!
                                      (Release Date: November 22, 1996)

                                      For 3DS:

                                      Donkey Kong Land
                                      (Release Date: June 26, 1995)

                                      Donkey Kong Land 2
                                      (Release Date: November 23, 1996)

                                      Donkey Kong Land III
                                      (Release Date: October 27, 1997)

                                      So many things have happened in such a single day! The Wii U, for the first time, has decided to actually be smart and release three awesome games ON THE SAME DAY rather than delay them between the very long weeks. The Wii, for the first time, un-delisted a game that was previously removed. And lastly, the 3DS, for the first time, decided to release a set of games all on the same day! Mega May one did not count for they were all segregated in weeks to properly fit the Mega May tagline they used, but all of these games were available at the SAME time.

                                      Truly, this day is one to remember for Donkey Kong fans everywhere that own a Wii, 3DS and Wii U as we see all of these awesome games return on one system and have their arrival on new ones. What makes this day the most memorable is that all of this glory decided to occur all on the same day! Probably the only time that Nintendo will not get any negativity as they did something very pleasing to retro fans. If there was a person that happened to own all three of these systems, the retro orgasm is guaranteed to be a big one!

                                      So again, be prepared to have a long journey as Donkey Kong finally hits the Virtual Console stores all around at the same time! Man, I sure hope people still check up on my updates because this will surely be the most historical event that I will ever post about ever. It would take Nintendo putting N64 and Gamecube on the Wii U at the same time to topple such an event as this! Or heck, even just one of the two would suffice.
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                                        For the week of March 5, 2015, we got one release for the Wii U.

                                        Sky Kid
                                        (Release Date: September 18, 1987)
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                                          I got a little behind again, my apologies. I will list two weeks as usual compensation of my absence.

                                          For the late-week of March 12, 2015, we have two titles. One of which has been requested since the launch of a certain Virtual Console genre.

                                          For Wii U:

                                          F-Zero: GP Legend
                                          (Release Date: September 20, 2004)

                                          For 3DS:

                                          Out Run
                                          (Release Date: September 20, 1986)

                                          For the prior week of March 19, 2015, we have one title for the Wii U.

                                          Klonoa 2: Dream Camp Tournament
                                          (Release Date: February 23, 2005)
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