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    About all I remember is this teenage girl realizes she has powers (might have been witch type powers), and begins to possibly target people that were picking on her in school (may have been other friends involved, and this could be witchcraft). She basically goes on a rampage hurting and possibly killing people while exacting her revenge (again, not sure about her motives). She then attempts to kill her mother at the end of the movie with said powers, but then the mother shows that she has said powers as well (think she is stronger than her daugher). She basically tells her daughter something along the lines of "who do you think you got it from?". I believe the mother wins the fight, and may have possibly killed the daughter in the process (not sure been a long time). Any help identifying this movie would be appreciated.
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      I think I may have found it. I believe this was called "The Spell", and the imdb link is A full video can be found there, so that confirms it.
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        What year would you say this movie was in? The one you linked was in the 70s and I feel like I recently saw a movie that fits your description very closely. But this was like a 90s movie. Not the Craft though.
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          This sounds like:

          "Midnight Offerings"

          It was a made-for-tv movie in 1981 starring Melissa Sue Anderson of Little House on the Prairie fame.

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