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    For years I've been trying to remember a show I used to watch with my brother when he was in preschool. He was born in 1988, so it would have been on in the late '80s or early '90s. I only remember vague and uncertain details and that's the reason this one has been tough to search for. I feel like it was a show that was possibly on in the same early afternoon block as Camp Cariboo and Shining Time Station, which makes me think it aired on YTV in Canada. This might not be true, but I associate these shows together for some reason. I remember there being a house in the opening of the show and I think the camera panned out from a window and then showed the full house and the sun above the house. One of the characters in the show was a very old woman wearing old-fashioned dress whose voice whistled significantly whenever she said anything. This is the most memorable detail I have about the show. Anyway, it's a long shot since the details I remember are so limited, but maybe the whistle-voiced woman brings back a memory for someone.
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      Maybe Size Small? Or Size Small Island. I remember watching Size Small Island here in Canada but very faintly. The show did air on YTV.
      Here is the intro for Size Small
      And Size Small Island
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        Thank you so much. That's the show. Grandma Gussie was the character I remembered. And the sun on top of the house. I watched an outro video on YouTube and the characters are saying goodbye from the windows. I remember them doing that. I totally forgot about Friend Record and his spoons but definitely remember him now. Thanks again!
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