Thread: Toonami tapes?!

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    This thread is for people that can talk about toonami tapes they own, collect, and watch. Also, for trading purposes if interested. But mostly for anyone that wants to talk about their tapes of recorded toonami broadcasts.

    I have a catalog of old toonami broadcasts that I own that I've been able to digitize onto DVDs/HDD.
    Most broadcasts are from tom 2/3 era with some tom 1 and moltar thrown in for good measure.
    I have made it a side project to find more broadcasts when I can to digitize so they aren't lost on vhs when they go bad.
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      :)Hi,please consider trading tapes online with me,I have a cartoon network tape from 2002 that i tranfered to my computer its about 5 hors long and it has several shows on it,from batman beyond to yu-gi-oh.Theres toonami om it from the tom 2 era with dbz and dragonball on it.Pls consider,you have literally nothing to lose!Heres a clip of it: It may not be the best quality but its something.:lol:
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        I'm not really a 90s kid. I do have a DVR recording of last night's Toonami.
        Sorry for the bump too.
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          I have a lot of Toonami tapes some from 1999 and some from 2007.
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