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    I'm trying to find an old fabric softener or detergent commercial where a man jumps off a high-dive into a vat of clothes. His wife tells him, "Zambini, be careful." After the successful dive, he pop's his head up out of the vat while stroking a piece of clothing and exclaims, "That's a soft." I may be incorrect with the name "Zambini," but it's something of that nature. I love the look on his face.
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      Yes, Yes !

      This is the famous ad that everyone's been asking for on YouTube.
      The product name is "Sta-Puf" Liquid Fabric Softener made by the A.E. Staley Mfg, Co. from the late 50's through the 1970's.

      Most folks don't remember but "Sta-Puf" was the best selling competition that Downy Fabric Softener ever had. When A.E. Staley, (remember Staley Pancake Syrup?), got out of the fabric softener market, Downy sales took-off along with the improved dryer sheets, they sold better than the washer type liquid anyway.

      I'm guessing that the very funny "Great Zambini" ad was 1968-1969, there were a whole lot of funny commercials on TV as the 1960's drew to a close - I really miss these ads because few of them appear on YouTube.

      You are correct, "The Great Zambini" really needs soft clothes for his act, and his wife tells him, "Zambini, don't worry", as he climbs a ladder high above a large tub. The ad is staged to make the viewer think the tub is full of water, but when Zambini dives in all you see are clothes a fly'n as the crowd roars with applause.

      The wife yells, "Zambini !!!", as his head emerges from beneath the tub filled with laundry, AND SAYS: "OOHHHH, That's Sooooft".

      Believe me, some of the best TV ads of the 60's still haven't made it on YouTube - yet!

      Here's a more straight faced ad from the 70's:

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        Well damn, I'd call this case SOLVED!
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          Nicely done, edd.
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            And I thank you.

            There may still be a few old timers like me that remember this old television ad, but since 1984 the name Sta-Puf must give way to the unforgettable Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from that most awesome of movies, "Ghostbusters"

            If liquid fabric softeners ever try to make a comeback - better choose a new name.

            Yep, the Big Guy owns the name now. Oh how I love this movie:

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              Reality Check!
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