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    If you're a fan of Japanese culture, you know about the popular anime series Doraemon. It's been airing in Japan since 1979, and is still running and still popular in the land of the rising sun to this day. The movies have also remained box-office hits in Japan (the movies are released by Toho, who also created the Godzilla movies). This summer, the franchise is getting a CG makeover, and it looks a lot like a Pixar movie! The new film, titled Stand By Me Doraemon, is being released this summer in Japan, and to me it's just begging for a US release.

    I personally hope The Weinstein Company and/or GKIDS acquires this movie and does an English dub. If they do, the cast should be this.

    Doraemon - Mona Marshall

    Nobita (Noby) - Davis Cleveland (Flynn from Shake It Up)

    Noby's Mom - Holly Hunter (Elastigirl from The Incredibles)

    Noby's Dad - Jeff Daniels

    Gian (Big G) - Frank Welker

    Suneo (Sneech) - Brian Beacock

    Shizuka - Elsie Fisher (Agnes from Despicable Me)

    Adult Nobita - Jonathan Groff

    Adult Shizuka - Kristen Bell

    Shizuka's Dad - Keifer Sutherland

    One more note, if you see different names next to the original names of Nobita, Gian, and Suneo, those are the names used in the new English translation of the Doraemon manga that are now available on Amazon Kindle. Anyway, what do you think of the voice cast? Any other suggestions for an English dub for the new CG Doraemon film if it ever came to the US?
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      Shizuka should be voiced by Kathleen Barr (Roll from Mega Man & Trixie from MLP), and Nobita should be voiced by Hynden Walch (Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time).
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        Doraemon is voiced by Mona Marshall in the Disney XD dub!
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