Thread: Need help finding old cartoon.

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    Hi guys, this is kind of a last resort as I've been trying to find this for years.

    Basically I'm looking for a cartoon similar to TigerSharks but it's definitely not that.(unless theres some kinda remake I'm missing)

    All I can remember is I watched around the same time as The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest and it had a black guy and a white blond haired teen boy that spent a lot of time on a yacht and when they jumped in the sea they turned into merfolk one of them a black and white cow patch like thing.

    Please can someone help me out as I've searched and asked loads of friends for years now, everyone slightly remembers it but not enough to remember the name.

    Thanks in advance,

    - Kasper
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      Sounds like the

      Prince of Atlantis

      -click toview-

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        I love you so much, I don't understand how I've not been able to find it for so long, and I've asked so many people and they all knew what I meant but couldn't remember it.

        You my friend are a legend.
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