Thread: name this scifi channel alien movie?

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    The commercial would play all the time, but I never saw the movie.
    It aired anywhere from 2001-2006 I'd say.

    The clip was a woman (with dark and/or wet hair[maybe]) sitting in what looked like an interrogation room, she was topless, and everything was obscured only by two alien hands reaching down to grab her chest slowly. The room was dark so you could'nt see the alien standing behind her. She was sort of crying and breathing heavy and just looked scared. The alien hands had dark looking skin and long fingers.

    The next scene in the commercial is of her talking to some man
    Woman: I-it tried to /touch/ me..
    Man: You mean..?
    Woman: Y-/yeah/

    They both sounded more surprised than repulsed. It might have been a dream or vision?

    I think they were either on the alien spacecraft or their own.

    Its been stuck in my head ever since I saw it in the mid 2000's
    I've looked up the list of movies on wikipedia, one or two might be it, but the trailers aren't the same as the TV spot (I looked up the trailer for hammerhead, and it looks completely different than the tv spot I remember!)

    ANY suggestions or guesses would be amazing!
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      No need for a duplicate, locking this and your thread in Memory Lane will remain open.

      As for topless girl getting felt up by ET, I have no clue. But if movie is identified I want it's title and where to buy.
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