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    Hey guys - My friend who is a hardcore retro junky directed me here as even he could not figure this one out. Basically me and my brother watched a super trippy/psychedelic film like 15 years ago and have been trying to figure what is was called for years. It was our Dad's VHS of this film, whom we do not have contact with. If anyone could help with this it would be AMAZING as we are both in the creative industry and would love to use this as inspiration.
    Anyway here is how the film goes:

    A young boy visits a VHS store says that he wants something more crazy compared to the usual films he rents out. The store worker says he's got something crazy for him.. And gives him this really weird/metallic/crumpled foil looking VHS. He goes home and watches it and the film is really hypnotic. There are swirly/colourful animations and a man appears asking the boy to "Come closer, come closer" He then goes inside the VHS world. We think the man who called him is the master of this weird castle/world. He has to go through different levels to get to him. We think he was possibly trying to find his sister who went into the vhs too.. We remember one level where there is loads of popcorn he is trying to get through it all. One level where everything is in super slow motion and he is struggling to get through it.
    We also remember there being a remote control device which somehow transported him through different channels/levels. This is about as much as we can remember.

    More info - All the characters in the movie are real(not an animation) there were lots of basic special effects used such as swirling gradients etc used as a backdrop. It wasn't a super fun/action packed movie but quite dark/weird. If anyone has any idea about this movie is would be AMAZING!

    Thanks guys - I hope someone knows what this is!!
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      Do you remember anyone that was in it? It would really help with the search. All I could come up with is Adventures In Dinosaur City. But I don't think that's it. Another one that I thought of was Stay Tuned, but I don't remember that having any kids in it. And then I thought of Pleasentville, but there's no WAY that could be it. I'll keep looking, though.

      Does sound kind of familiar.
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        Sounds like,...

        Andy Colby's Incredibly Awesome Adventure
        a.k.a.Andy and the Airwave Rangers
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          Straydog!!! This is it! Andy Colby's Incredibly Awesome Adventure! Thank you SO MUCH. So happy - Going to buy this asap!
          CruJones thanks for the suggestions! Very close!
          Thanks guys!
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