Thread: identify 2 childhood anime... (or 3)

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    The first:
    I remember a anime that the end credit song are in japan except the word "I love you" the song was subtitle down all word are in (kanji or kana) exept "I love you".
    But the little i remember is the "heroes" operate a big motorcycle instead of big robot (??).
    now i don't know if the same anime; but the history run with some scene that remember: 1. bad people capture people to convert to a class of robot and a episode the heroes try to rescue one, because a child search them to rescue her father. and other scenes the bad people have a special small robotic camera a type of sphere that is hidden fast.
    the second:
    a anime that run about 65 episode, the only i remember is that the professor or scientific (the leader old man in the headquarter) was concerned that the bad guys can steal a type of red glass ball, which if activated, innocent people was burned. May be heroes have a Mecha BLUE robot.
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      Approximately what year/s did these shows air?
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        I love some anime, but I didn't start watching it until I was like 20 something.
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          Your description has elements
          of either,..

          Megazone 23

          or possibly something appearing
          in the related series/movie

          Macross Saga

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