Thread: I'm going to Walt Disney World for the 20th time next week.

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    From February 4th to February 11th, I'll be out of town and away from RetroJunk as I take another trip to Walt Disney World. Most of my trips there have been fun, although there have been a few here and there that had difficulties. I'm still looking forward to it, though. I'll just be hanging out at the Disney parks. I won't be going off-property to non-Disney parks, although my brother might. I'll be back online by either the evening of February 11th or the morning of February 12th, and I'll have more material to contribute to the site. Less than a week to go...
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      Have fun, be safe and tell Mickey I said hi!
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        Good. I've only been there once back in 2008, but I enjoyed the hell
        out of it.
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