Thread: Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns

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    • 4 years 3 months ago
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    Loved this graphic novel since junior high when i got my copy from a book store and is Frank Miller's masterpiece besides Sin City, 300 and Year One Batman and probably the best Batman story ever told.
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      I'm reading it right now, and gonna watch the animated movie after. I feel like people prefer the Killing Joke more though.
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        I have this leather-bound volume somewhere:

        It has Dark Knight Returns and Year One. These are the stories that really showed the world that comic books could be a serious art form with high-quality writing. And that's what led to making the 1989 Batman movie. If not for Frank Miller's critically acclaimed writing, there's no way a comic book movie could have gotten such major funding and marketing in that time period.

        The book also has a short story called Wanted: Santa Claus Dead or Alive.

        I don't prefer Killing Joke. The two longer Frank Miller stories are key and iconic. In fact, I had to look up Killing Joke to remember what it's about.

        The Joker's torture is pretty horrific. Paralyzing Barbara sure had far-reaching effects. And the concept of Joker and Batman being similar is intriguing. But I don't like the way he keeps talking about "one bad day" over and over again. He knows that's a crappy excuse. Or the idea of the Joker starting as a failed comedian. These things make him seem really weak and lame. And Batman laughing with him at the end? Ugh! I know Alan Moore is a super-respected writer and all, but I don't like this. It's like Chuck Jones directing Tom & Jerry; immense talent, but just not right for the characters.
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          I love the direct-to-DVD movies and while I haven't
          read the book completely, I did glance at a copy I
          found at the local library. Need to check it out
          again sometime.
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