Thread: 2 80's Jordache ads + 1 twenty-O's cellphone ad?

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    Please, I tried to look on youtube for these: 2 80's Jordache Besics commercials--1) teen girl talks to her friends about running away, then they ask, "You're not really gonna run away, are you?" & she goes, "Nah" & turns back. 2) same teen girl replaying the scene in her mind while sitting on a suitcase in the street waiting for a ride or hitchhiking or something.

    Now, a cellphone commercial, I believe for Sprint Wireless? I think it was from the early 2000's? A man was in his therapist's office, & the the therapist was yelling at him something like, "YOU'RE CALM! YOU ARE IN YOUR QUIET PLACE!" Then the 2 Sprint (?) guys are shown talking about the product & saying the guy got his wires crossed or something. Very funny commercial.

    If someone would be so kind to post these? Thanks.
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