Thread: Help remembering random old crap. Nick Shorts and a book

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    Does anyone remember the Live action shorts Nicktoons had on a lot during the mid to early 90s? Like Attack of the Giant Vulture.

    I'm part looking for anyone who remembers any in general, I'm sure there's several I've forgotten but I'm really looking for one about a girl who spends all her time on the internet and she gets some message that the internet isn't the only thing she can surf and she ends up going surfing.

    I also think she may have gone into the computer's circuitry at some point but that may have been another short.

    There's also another short I may have ask for before years ago, but it involved pink and yellow puppets, one of them being up in a tree and the typical straight man and foil. This may have just been from a show and I don't remember well.

    The last is a story I remember having to read in a school book. Which was...really grim from what I remember. There was a boy and a girl who were captive by a wizard or something. I remember the wizard sewed the boys lips shut or something to keep him from saying his prayers, but he still read them in his book. I think the prayers did something to the wizard and at some point he starts cutting holes in the book with his long finger nails (though this might have been the boy doing it to the wizard's book)

    At some point the wizard turns the boy into a fish or something and the girl kisses him as a fish I think and it does...something. I don't remember what. Maybe she turns into a fish too or he turns back.

    Any help remembering this would be appreciated.
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