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    Care Bear Countdown 5...4...3...2...1...CARE BEAR STARE!
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      I'd like to, uh, talk about CareBearCheer for a moment, if I could. Six days. That's how long it took for him to come back. In his journal during this period he wrote that the shadow was his friend, the night his domain. He acknowledged that whatever neurosis drove the criminal to post the shit thread is compounded. Magnified by banning. By the sounds of moderators at his heels. Fear becomes paranoia, paranoia ultimately psychosis. I bring this up because in one hundred and forty years, the fundamental mind of the banned forum user has not changed. The banned man is still human, he is still afraid, and he will stop at nothing in his attempt at reregistering. Fortunately for us, while our quarry has shadow and night as his ally, we have something far greater: Flame wars.
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      Mrs. stake you say some nasty on my threads. Dirty bitch
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        Mahone got it right. Locking this and issuing a ban.
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