Thread: i am looking for an old cartoon series

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    i was looking for an old cartoon series where a boy has a bag with gadgets in it... he fights an evil lady and her green helper ...
    whenever he needs he pulls a small gadget from his bag and it grows so he can use it ... i think it could be a car or a motorcycle... can't find anything on the net about it...
    any ideas?
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      Sounds like,...

      Sport Billy (82)

      Sport Billy was an emissary of the intergalactic sports federation. He was sent to Earth to preserve the spirit of sportsmanship throughout time and space. He was aided in his mission by Sport Lilly and their dog Willy.
      His most useful piece of equipment was his omni-bag. It was a bottomless gym bag that could hold anything that he would need.

      Sport Billy Intro

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        thanks mate ... that is the program
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          Hey Straydog, great to see you're still nailing all the retro questions!

          Love the YouTube comments from users in Eastern Europe.
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