Thread: Help me remember this programme Please!

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    Hello all, I'm trying to help a friend rememeber a programme/film from back in the day. Here are the things she remembers:
    -Polar bear/Maybe just bears, that live in houses like humans
    -At one point they go ice skating
    -At another go into a cafe, a bell rings as they enter
    -One of the bears has a friend who is either an owl or a pigeon whom he sends a letter to

    Any help would be amazing thankyou!!
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      • 3 years 1 month ago
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      Was it a cartoon? Puppets? People in animal costumes?
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        What year(s) was it aired?
        Two guesses
        If the bear was white it might have been
        Little Bear

          • 3 years 1 month ago
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          the berenstain bears?
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            Hey guys thankyou for the help thus far! It was cartoon and either 80's or early 90's i believe! Instead of younger bears the characters were more like adult bear, two of which were in love, hence the visit to the cafe, i remember the bell as they entered! Its not however Berenstein, little bear or Rupert, but great suggestions x
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              Knowing what country it's from would help, too.
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                It's been forever since I saw it, but could it be one of the Santabear movies?
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                  Well it was 100% in english as to which country it was made in was anyones guess but we watched it in england! Dont think its the santabear movies but thankyou! x
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                    • 3 years 27 days ago
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                    TaleSpin or Kissyfur?
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                      I doubt it's TaleSpin.

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                        Ah thankyou all again, no luck with any of these
                        any suggestions are still welcome, thankyou x
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                          I'm trying to remember this one cartoon/anime movie it involved.
                          -a young boy with some magic sword
                          -a toy soldier that turned evil
                          -he travels to a world where toys are alive
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