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    If any of you can help me out here, it would be much appreciated.

    I'm trying to remember the name of a movie that I'd sometimes see on one of our local TV stations during the late 70's or maybe early 80's, usually during the afternoon on a weekend. It was a color film, I think from the 70's, pretty sure it was not British/Hammer - I believe it was American, in fact, but I wouldn't at all be surprised if it was Italian.

    I think it was (yet another) film version of Frankenstein, and might have even had "Frankenstein" in its title, but might not have. The main character, the "creature", was for all outward purposes a normal guy. I seem to remember him being a little older with whitish hair. I remember that he had a love interest (a normal, living woman). I think the deal was more that he was dead and had been brought back to life rather than being made of parts, but even that I'm not sure of. One thing that I'm fairly certain of was that he was shot to death at the end of the film - he seemed to be growing more insane and violent ("monstrous") as the film progressed. It left a mark on me, but I was so young when I saw it that I can't remember the title or enough in terms of specific actors, etc., that I can successfully search for the movie.

    I'm pretty sure I'm not thinking of "Frankenstein 80" or "Frankenstein all'italiana". I doubt either of those movies would be shown during the day on broadcast TV, especially in that era.

    Thanks in advance!
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      I wonder if you're thinking of the 1973 "Frankenstein" by Sam Hall and Dan Curtis? This version is closer to Mary Shelly's original idea of the "monster" as a misunderstood outsider trying to fit-in with society.

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        Thanks so much...but no, it's not that one. The film I remember had a more modern setting - 60s or 70s US or Europe, I think.
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