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    • 3 years 27 days ago
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    One of my favorite christmas movies! loved this since i was 14 when i remembered seeing this in theaters when i visited my cousin in Mesa/Phoenix Arizona for Thanksgiving and even saw it 2 more times here in Albuquerque and it's such a fun movie.
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      • 3 years 26 days ago
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      Just watched this a few weeks back. Awesome movie that really captures the Christmas shopping pandemonium.
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        • 3 years 26 days ago
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        You should watch The Nostalgia Critic review. He didn't really care for
        it that much, but it's worth it for his raging alone.
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          • 3 years 24 days ago
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          I remember the first time I watched this. I was probably in the 3rd or 4th grade and it had just came out. A kid in my class brought it (on VHS of course) to school and the teacher let us watch it one of the last days before our winter break.
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            • 3 years 5 days ago
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            PUT THAT COOKIE DOWN!! NOW!!! ;-)
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              • 3 years 4 days ago
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              Great movie. I first watched this one when I was 13 in December 1999 before Y2K. It was an awesome memory for me. I was sitting in the living room by myself with the fake Christmas tree lit up and watching this movie on tv. I remember my mom always coming out and telling me to go to sleep. It's crazy how this was 14 years ago and it remains such a vivid memory for me.
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