Thread: Need Help Remembering 80's/early 90's Character

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    I have a memory of a VHS tape I used to have. It's a vague and fading memory.

    I don't remember much, but I do remember it was a cartoon character superimposed over real life, like Roger Rabbit, but I don't think he interacted with the real world, it was just in the background. It may have been some kind of educational video because he traveled and showed places. The two places I remember most are Davy Jones locker and The Great Wall of China. I think there may have been a haunted house as well.

    The character itself I believe was either a Bear or a Beaver. I think he had a red letter 'B' on a white t-shirt and also wore a red hat. I could be incorrect about the outfit though.

    I'm also fairly certain he had a camera around his neck at all times.

    If I could figure this out, my life would be complete.

    It's not Teddy Ruxpin.
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      Lately Brantorrent I've had difficulty searching out old TV shows. YouTube is waay different from just a few years ago - a lot of kids shows are gone now.

      From the 80's I used to watch stuff from the UK on American television courtesy of Granada Television or Edinburgh TV or ScottishTV.

      From Australia I could catch stuff from Kid's 9 TV.

      I'm telling you all this because the 80's and 90's had a lot of kid's travel/science shows that were not from the United States or Canada.

      As an example, remember "The Know Zone" from the BBC in 1986? How about "The Science Alliance" from Thames Television in 1988?
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