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    The best Retro Stuff is the unexpected!

    I first heard this in 1980 and now it acts like a time machine, taking me back to when I was younger, the sun was brilliant, the Eldorado's top was down and the radio was turned up: as a new decade stretched out to the horizon.

    The Eldorado is dead. Long live the Eldorado.
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      This song was heard on the radio often in late 1980/early 1981, when I was in 10th grade. I have many fond memories of the early 1980' fact, fond memories of that entire decade, and I would give anything to relive the 1980's!
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        Great to hear from you Tim!

        I agree, 1980/1981 was a unique time as the decade began. And music, like this song as an example, set the stage for that "80's Vibe".

        Cliff Richard is something of an icon of British popular music, he's had hit songs from the 50's right through the 90's. "A Little in Love" was one of those songs that got a lot of airplay for about a year, then quickly went out of rotation on most radio stations.

        While not a megahit, "A Little in Love" is just a happy tune that put a smile on my face every time I heard it. I've never forgotten this song, it brings back so many memories of people and places from a time when I was young and everything seemed possible.
        The Eldorado is dead. Long live the Eldorado.
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