Thread: I Wish There Was A Streets Of Rage 4!!

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    • 3 years 27 days ago
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    i know it's not the same, but the newly in development game known as "project y" will be a physical release for the sega genesis and is inspired by games like streets of rage. developed by watermelon games, this looks to please fans that are looking for streets of rage 4. i will be pre-ordering when available!
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      • 3 years 22 days ago
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      The closest you're gonna get is the fan-made Streets of Rage Remake for the PC by Bomber Games, which is basically a megamix of the Streets of Rage trilogy with extra bells and whistles. Really well made but sadly Sega cracked down on it soon after it was released. It's still possible to get it if you really want it though. Google is your friend.
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        • 3 years 21 days ago
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        i heard about SoR remake - i'll have to track it down at some point. was just recently playing bare knuckle III (japanese version of streets of rage 3), and there are a number of noticeable changes, even early in the game.
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          Quote by arizvega
          Look i know the Beat Em' ups games are dead now in days.
          But i really was hoping for a another game of streets of rage for like the Nintendo WII U or PS4 or Maybe Xbox 360. With all that set and done i rest my case. Because i know it's not gonna be made... I did found some cool pictures on the web of this game being in the works on the Sega Dreamcast back in 1999... Looks cool i just don't like the idea of the first person view tho that is kinda lame.... But the 3-D looks amazing for it's time...


          Beat Em Ups Are Cool Like Final Fight And Streets Of Rage And Batman Forever : The Arcade Game.
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