Thread: Help!! (Poodle, Amulet, Egypt)

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    Hey everyone.. My partner (and his Mom) remembers watching a cartoon movie from his childhood, the early/mid80s, involving a Talking Poodle, who wore a magical amulet, and was set in Egypt (at least some part of it anyway).

    Neither of them remember any further details.

    Super obscure, I know.. He remembers renting it all the time from the local video store in Orange, TX.

    Help if you can!!
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      A talking dog-an amulet- an Egyptian adventure..

      Was the dog white and pink ? This dog doesn't look like a
      poodle, more of some other toy dog breed, but maybe,....

      Poochie (84)

      Poochie is a small dog whose master owns a large newspaper.
      She wears a small heart-shaped amulet/dog tag attached to her collar
      A translator allows her to speak.
      She runs the Dear Poochie newspaper article, answering people's questions
      that are sent in. Whenever an urgent request lands on her desk, she
      and her robotic right hand man Hermes rush out to help the person
      in need


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