Thread: Banned media?

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    So I want to remake a classic RetroJunk thread.

    I saw an ad for "South Park" broadcast on Nickelodeon in the 90s when it first started. I thought it looked weird. I know that's not much, but if anybody can share that promo...

    Are there any stories about TV shows and movies you were barred from as a kid by parents? I want to hear these funny stories.
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      I don't think my parents wanted me to show more "adult" shows like
      South Park and Family Guy when I was little. They didn't downright
      scold me or anything, they told me not to watch those shows again
      and I completely caved in to their wills. I guess I was a wimp
      that way
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        I was raised with a similar situation to you. That's funny. I never even saw any of these shows when I was little, except for "The Simpsons". Too bad.
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