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    This is probably a very big long shot on anyone remembering this but maybe I'll get lucky!

    I'm trying to remember the title or name of a software showcase disc for the Macintosh back in the day. It had a bunch of content meant to (I assume) showcase what Macromedia had cooking up back in the day. It is most likely from the 1990's, and it ran on Classic Mac OS like System 7, 8 or 9.

    I remember that it contained some kind of game that reminded me of Pipe Dream, where you could arrange cogs and tubes together for some purpose I forget. And I think you could get a guided tour by some on-screen woman.

    I feel like there is more to it than what I can recall, but it's past me right now. I thank anyone who can take any shot at this haha.

    Edit: I think it MAY have had something to do with Macromedia Director and/or Learning Lingo... but I'm not certain. Sorry I can't remember more than that.
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