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    PAC-MAN in arcade then TEKKEN!

    Stydja unin mor'ranr, Eragon

    Titus For Prez
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      thecrow174 wrote:
      No love for Ridge Racer?

      Ridge Racer!!!
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        Favorite Namco arcade game is Alpine Surfer. It's a fun game and mainly because it gave me the best arcade memory of my childhood. My elementary school took us on a field trip to Disneyland for 6th grade graduation ('96) and at one point we were all in the 2 story arcade next to Space Mountain. Me and some friends were walking around and we saw a bunch of other kids playing this new arcade game called Alpine Surfer. Now at that time in my life I was hooked on buying every issue of "Tips & Tricks" magazine because it was all about the cheat codes, and it even had this cool arcade coverage section. So when I saw that arcade I immediately remembered the cheat code and I just waited patiently in line for my turn w/o even saying anything about it. When it was my turn I entered the code at the selection screen and when the game started, all my friends and the other kids around the arcade started making a bunch of noise and commotion because I was playing as a penguin sliding down the mountain instead of a snowboarder. Next thing I knew there was a huge crowd behind me of kids and parents cheering and laughing every time the penguin would go off a jump and do some flips and tricks.. and when my turn finally ended everyone started clapping and cheering and I was swarmed by kids asking me "How did you do that!?" ..but I never told.

        If I had to pick a Namco game for the home console I'd pick Soul Calibur for the Dreamcast. That game got a lot of play time with me and my friends.
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