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    In the spirit of Halloween I'd like to share a link to an old "made for TV movie" from 1976 called "The Tenth Level".

    It stars William Shatner in one of his numerous roles after his duty as "James T. Kirk" of Star Trek fame. Also starring is Ossie Davis, Lynn Carlin and, as far as I know in his very first appearance on TV, a very young John Travolta.

    The movie is about the famous Milgram Experiment. Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram tricked volunteers into a fake memory test - but it was actually a study into Obedience to Authority. The volunteers were instructed to ask test subjects a series of questions. Wrong answers resulted in an electric shock given to the subject by the volunteer - but with each wrong answer the voltage increased!

    Question . . . how far along would the volunteers go in the real experiment? Would they actually zap subjects with a lethal voltage just because the experiment required it?

    In the TV-movie "The Tenth Level" William Shatner plays Stanley Milgram after the experiment land him before a Board of Ethics hearing at Yale.

    These YouTube clips from OtterVomit are very rare. The Tenth Level was recorded on videotape by CBS on location at Yale and has never been released as a DVD set.

    Here's Part 1 and you can search out the rest on YouTube if you're interested.

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      I had heard about this movie but I never got around to see it. Thanks for the link,eddie. What's creepy is that this was shot in the exact same place the experiments took place.

      Damn,Shatner was involved in just about every TV movie from the mid 70s...
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        Public reaction to this movie was very strong with many viewers complaining to CBS that "The Tenth Level" was too disturbing for general broadcasting.

        Just like the experiment itself, no one was really harmed in "the Tenth Level". But the sounds of distress from the fake test subjects does leave a mark on most people who watch the whole movie.

        I saw it only once during its first broadcast, but I've never forgotten the effect it had on me.

        "The Tenth Level" has nothing to do with Halloween. But I found it creepy enough that I felt it should post on RJ for October.

        Like Elvira says, "unpleasant dreams".
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