Thread: Trying to find title of anime from years ago!!!!!

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    I searched Google all over, tried unsucessfully to search on here. Me and my sister watched this anime movie from blockbuster when we were kids and I've been trying to find it ever sense.
    The setting is some old place, I remember some dome tops of buildings. The main character has red/orange hair, pulled up into pigtails that spiral at the ends. She dresses normal in the day, but has a red (I think) spandex-y outfit at night. I believe she also has a little sidekick but I can't remember what it looks like.
    I remember a guy (who had a relationship with the main character at one point). I remember him sitting in a room, and there was a painting in the room. At some point in the movie, the main character is in the room, without the guy, and goes into the painting. There she sees the guy, and they kiss. Then she turns around and the guy is there. The guy behind her puts his arms around her and changes into a woman (that both the main character and the guy know). I remember the woman is talking to the guy while holding the main character. She rubs the main characters lip with her thumb and taunts the guy.
    That's all I can remember- I saw it when I was a child, so I'm sorry I gave such bad details. Could someone please identify this movie/tvshow? This search has been going on for forever!!!!!

    Thank you for all your help in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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