Thread: Remember when Lay's potato chips used to be huge?

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    What happened? I'm not talking about how you get less in every bag these days, I'm talking abut the sheer lack of size per chip. Fellow 80's kids know what I'm talking about. Regular and Ruffled Lay's chips in the big bags would regularly have chips in there that were so big, a kid needed 3 bites to polish one off, and an adult had to take 2 bites to do the job. Now every last whole chip is bite-sized. Don't give me some crap about potatoes getting smaller. There are still huge, oblong potatoes you can buy anywhere. Did the folks supplying those huge russets try to demand better pay for their goods and get dropped as suppliers?
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      I think it's just to keep the price in check. A cost cutting measure. I know I feel like I'm getting cheated too. Plus there seems to be a lot more burned chips in the bag now.
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        There may be more going on here than you guessed.

        Manufacturers can down-sort potato size to control for appearance (size), plus processing plant standards may have been rolled back to reduce "waste" and allow for fewer rejects. Chips that looked bad used to be removed from production, but Lay's may have reduced the number of production-line checkers as an addition cost saving move, imo.
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          Kind of off topic here, but does anyone remember the Lay's WOW Chips Line
          back in the late 90's? It started out really popular with people, but it
          was later found out they cause clenching of the bowels.

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            Now that, I remember. Many jokes about "anal leakage".
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