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    Before the days of the information age, I remember a commercial on my local ABC affil. that promoted the gimmick of a 24-hour news and information hotline where you would dial the station's number and dial another digit code when asked. Who remembers this stuff? I thought it was a cool idea for it's time.
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      We had a line that was part of the Houston Chronicle. It might still be around in some form. You dialed HOUSTON and they had weather, sports, traffic and even dating services all for free. I messed with it a lot back in the late 80s. That was the only one I remembered.

      We had 390 numbers for the TV and radio stations, but I would get a fast busy signal every fucking time I called them no matter what time of day it was. Used to piss me off especially when they had a contest like "be the third caller and win" Made me wonder if anyone actually won. It you stayed on the line during the busy signal you could hear and talk to other people trying to call over the busy signal. I talked to a few of them. I even gave a kid also trying to call a contest my phone number and he called me back. We talked for like an hour on the phone. I was probably 12 when that happened.
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        Isn't it funny that while I remember stations that promoted their "Hotline Service" I never actually used any of them back in the day.

        Wonder if anyone recorded and saved their "Action News" phone experience?
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